Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Romanian Gypsy

Was reading an article on Romanian Gypsies." The women of the house never leave the house". And  I thought that they may be cooking all the time in their kitchens. But the most fascinating thing is that their so called kitchens are the show corners in their contrasting, colorful, high ceiling, gypsy abode showcasing some tastefully hand picked show crockery that they never use. And cooking? They do it outdoors. In open.
The house wall colors are always bright and contrasting. The kind of color we would think twice to put on our walls. The motifs are antique and flowery. The houses are spik and span. These colors remind me of the color palette I use to create with my crayons. When no one would tell me what color to put where. It was just what I liked and how aesthetically it appealed my eyes.
I have also put bright contrasting colors on my walls but have been able to muster courage to team them up with bright upholstery.  In fact i have muted them down with beige and white combination with some highlights of gold and browns.
Though I do have an experimentative streak in me, I have never been able to go the typical gypsy way. Full of Kitch and colors and prints and textures.I like harmony of colors and textures. What do you like?

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