Sunday, March 6, 2011

Go Convertible!

One thing and many ways to use it! I have always been fascinated to explore many ways of using the same thing over and over again but in different way. You may call it my quest of exploring an alternative usage of this. Every new trial gave such satisfaction to my creative skills. I tried this most on my wardrobe. Many times I have mixed n matched the same garment with different kinds of accessories and created a new look every time. 
As a child I loved to use my mom's saris and wrap them around in different folds. I found amusement in wrapping the 6 yard cloth and make shift dresses out of them. And called them my Pin Up Dress collection as they would be pinned up to hold on to the shape. 

I was amazed to see how Sari has taken its shape on the Red Carpet when I saw Pussy Cat Dolls, all in black, gorgeous innovation sari and sari inspired dresses. A Sari converted into a beautiful gorgeous outfits.

Recently what has been fascinating me are these convertible dresses and tops. One Garment and many ways to wear it. I have recently bought an automatic black bolero that can be worn in 8 different ways. And I have also been eying upon this Victoria's secrets convertible purple dress that gives you different looks from 11 am Brunch, 3 PM Lunch , 9 PM cocktail and a 11 PM "Let you hair down" party.

And what more do you need apart from some good mix of accessories. Some gold and some contrast colors will make your same dress look drastically new.

So go on! Get convertibles! 

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