Thursday, December 31, 2009

Easy-on-pocket fashion

As I believe fashion does not exist in dresses, I also believe that fashion does not exist in showrooms and fashion boutiques ONLY. Today I witnessed the Fashion that is "IN" and "Light" on your pocket. All the gurlz in my office, are busy sharing there shopping trips that they had to make for today's dress code "one piece dress from store-around-the-corner" and I sense the pride of "cheap fashion" in the air for the first time. Fashion that is easy on you, can be worn for one season or once in lifetime and be replaced with the new trend without a guilt of spending a bomb and discarding it after one wear. Another strange pattern I noticed in today's dress code was that all were color coordinated from head-to-toe. For last couple of years as I remember contrast and mixed 'n' matched looks are encouraged to break the monotony and bring in a bit of spice and a so called 'break', however these gurlz didn't seem to have followed that rule and have gone back to basics. A powder blue strappy, easy dress, with dull gold and grey busy print, and embellished border, with powder blue plain shrug, biege stockings and plain powder blue shoes. Well the rule of breaking the color is replaced here by breaking the busy print with plain accessories. The over all look is very soft despite of very very busy print. If the same coordination of colors was done in all darks, might not have worked that well. Above all that the pride of sporting the cheap fashion from shop-around-the- corner had a sparkling reflection on her attitude along with satisfaction cause that is the best look today, so far. Being very much in trend and in fashion does not mean to follow marketed merchandise as it is. Rules are dictated to be played around with and not follow it as it is. Yes being in tandem with what's around is a must but for sure you would not want to be a part of the herd where everyone is identical.

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