Thursday, December 24, 2009

I thought my first piece of writing would be about how fashion influences all the aspects of life. Not only your clothes, shoes, bags, work bag but closet style, kitchen platform, desk too. Just Everything.But before I could research a bit more on high end fashion, the importance of a great styling sense got triggered in my mind. I believe that more than being fashionable or being in sync with the present scenario of lifestyle which has much smaller shelf life, it's important to understand right sense of styling/dressing, some basic color theories etc. cause that is what is the base of Fashion. Fashion never stays for long. It might gain a full circle and be called "retro", or take you to a world of dream, fantasy, romance and be called 'seduction' or time travel to many many years ahead and be called 'futuristic'. It will just be changing and evolving for ever. It is like glittering blingy hot sand that never stays in your hand but mesmerizes you with it's sparkle till the time you hold it in your palm. What stays is the style, the character. Your certain style that will be reflected in anything that you do. The way you carry a scarf, the way you hold your bag, the way you walk and also the way you pass on the half smirky smile that defines you a "hard-to-get". But style is also how well you are able to put things together to create a certain look.A high-end classic shoes worn with a torn denim with a tube top and a clutch that matches the shoes, might work for some and not for others. I usually imagine some great looking gowns and dresses on various celebrities to understand what works better on what body type, skin color, body posture etc. The trick is to think different/radical yet in norms following some basic rules. I have some strange rules in my head and am sure most of you won't agree to it. Like I never liked a blingy silver watch on a darker skin tone. Somewhere in my mind I believe warm gold goes better with darker tones. Warm-warm, same family? I also never liked wearing long earrings with black spectacles. Does not work for me. Tangy colors and blingy embellishment might work for the super model Naomi cause she has great shape and attitude but are a no-no for darker skin tones, in my head. An extra long lehenga (longer than your size) with a small choli that makes you tie your skirt above the navel, is a SIN. and I have seen alot of women doing that in weddings. High waist pants for big bellies are no-no, round neck or closed neck tops for but bust is a no-no, tank top for women with big bum is a no-no.But these are all basics of styling. Or you may say, the first few steps towards being fashionable. Some people have it and some borrow it. All that they need is borrow carefully. Everything is not for everyone. And every thing that is in fashion , is not for you.Once you get a knack of it and believe you are doing right (which most of the people already think- but you can rely on people compliment meter) you can start thinking Fashion. Cause Fashion is pristine. Don't mess with it, RESPECT it. Pay respect by wearing those super classy shoes (may or may not be a designer label, yet in vogue)with neatly cut dress, well groomed hair (very important as it dictates the look) and super cool attitude. And then see the wonder it does!!!
Have fun with style and respect Fashion.

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