Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Juicy Sun and Warm Marigold

Red, color of "hot", "Chilly". Color of passion, rage, anger, aggression. And orange, color of energy & warmth. Together Red and Orange for me is the Color of SUN. The Color of Sunrise and the Sunset. Bright orange with red tint submerged in blue sky looks so juicy at those time of the day that I almost get a taste of it on my tongue when I tell this. Like an orange candy or a tangerine and strawberry sorbet. For some strange reasons that is the only time of the day when i don't fear the hot SUN. All I feel is to place it on my tongue and just suck on it.

This color has fascinated me since childhood. The combination of fire colors minus blue and violet, has always excited me. I always wanted my wedding outfit to be in the combination of ripe Tomato Red, tangy tangerine and Sun at 2:00 pm yellow until this color hit the Bollywood chart of colors for the bride in films. Juhi chawala, Raveena Tondon and many more in late 90's have worn clothes on screen in this color palette.

For the lovers of bright hot energy hues, you can do up your home in these colors but use these wisely cause too much of Red might have an effect on your personality as per science of colors. Red may not be the color for many as it make you very aggressive hence it is advisable to tone it down to deeper shades like maroon and crimson.

What I have done for my living room is taken the color inspiration from the MARIGOLD flowers (Maroon and Sunrise Yellow) to get the warmth in the room. Most people found it too bright to live in but I was like waiting to get this done. As I love a lot of richness in my choice of colors, I am also planning to give the room some highlights of dull gold. Which is work-in-progress.

If there is a meditation room, an austere setting is best : solid, calm, subdued colors, with no patterns. Subtle and deep shades of yellow, or red will encourage deep concentration and thoughts.

In Clothes, try teaming the red Kurta with a tangy orange color stole and orange and red accessories. The basic bright Kurta and stole with dull blue denims with balance the color and the look. Do not over do it by matching it with you bag and slippers. You may want to pick Browns to stick to the warmth in the color palette.

My favorite trick for color play in my clothes is to break the monotony of one color from top to toe with single contrast color accessories. What is yours?

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